Who's Zooming Who?

Being a researcher for Givto is both a privilege and an honour; not only do I get to help develop this fantastic new service but I also get to go out and speak to our lovely members “face-to-face” to find out what they think of it.

In normal circumstances I would literally go out to visit members in their homes, places of work or a usability lab but, as we all know, those days have been on hold for a while now.

We have, instead, had to revert to the Zoom approach which, apart from the inevitable ‘you’re on mute’ and ‘you’ve frozen again’ shenanigans, has proven to be a lifeline for me so I can observe as well as listen to what users have to say about the idea. After all, most of our communication comes from non-verbal signals so being able to see users’ reactions has been crucial, even if they are ‘frozen’ from time to time!

On to the research itself. Developing any kind of technology can be challenging, especially during a national lockdown. This is why user research has been key and has helped us to shape and iterate what we do and how we do it as we develop the service.

Givto members told us what they love about the idea is that it helps them to discover those ‘hidden gem’ charities which may be on their doorstep but they never hear about; we all know they are out there and many of us want to help, but finding an easy way to A, find out about them and B, actually help them can be tricky. As one member told us…

‘It gives the smaller charities the opportunity to get in the shop window’

Givto provides just that.

Having the chance every month to choose a different charity from the three presented to you with one direct debit is the ultimate convenient way to help charities, big or small, quickly and easily.

Users told us they enjoy choosing their charity and they often include their children or partners in the decision and are excited to see who will pop up this month.

‘It makes you feel all warm inside’

Another unique benefit of Givto is that it gives users that feeling of being involved and giving even when donating by direct debit which, although convenient, can feel more disconnected and sterile. One user told us…

‘It makes you feel like you’re still giving even with a direct debit’

They also provided us with some great feedback on how to improve the website and the service. The first version of our website that we launched in July 2020 was basic - something we could get live and use to test the concept. We are now developing a new-look Givto service based on our members’ feedback that includes more visuals, more warmth and personality, and a more logical and approachable sign-up process. All of which should help increase credibility, trust and confidence for new visitors using the Givto website.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to involve them and use their brilliant feedback to make Givto the best it can be for them and the charities who benefit – both big and small.

I can’t wait to find out what members think of the new-look Givto website and for them to see the important role they have played in developing it.

Even if it has to be in Zoom land for now….

‘Hello, can you hear me????’

The new-look Givto service is coming soon. Join us today at www.givto.org

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Janet Morgan is one of our volunteer user researchers.

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